Kicked Up Caribou Slobber - 2015-07-31

This is based on Norther Brewer's Caribou Slobber All-Grain kit, but I juiced it with some additional 2-row. This was a challenging brew day to put it mildly, due to lots of use of new equipment and the failures associated with it. I need to wet test gear out before brew day going forward.

Grain Bill:

    12.00  lbs   2-Row Barley
     0.75  lbs   Crystal 60°
     0.50  lbs   Crystal 80°
     0.25  lbs   Pale Chocolate Malt
     0.125 lbs   English Black Malt

Mashed in with 4.5G @ 164°F, was too low so added 2-3L boiling water. 
Grain bed @ 154.5°F down to ? (probably 153) for 60 mins
Batch sparged 4.0G @ 186°F (not sure of grain bed temperature)

Boil/Hop Schedule:

     1.00  oz    Goldings @ 70 min                  (2028)
     1.00  oz    Liberty @ 40 min                   (2100)
     1.00  oz    Williamette @ 15 min               (2126)
     0.50  tsp   Wyeast Yeast Nutrient @ 15 min     (2126)

    Flame-out @ 2141

    6 gal @ 1.069 OG produced


    1 pk Danstar Winsdor Yeast, rehyrdated for 45-60 mins (due to long cool)
    Took off like a champ, airlock activity dropped out in a day or so.


  • First use of new grain crusher, had some issues getting the rollers dialed in.
  • Kit had 9 lbs of 2-row, added 3 more lbs for kicks.
  • Allow for MLT heat stealing next time.
  • Intended for 153°F mash, need to do better at temp management.
  • Had cooling issues due to leaky immersion chiller. Next brew will use a new counterflow chiller.
  • Ran off way too much wort during sparge, added 10 minutes to boil to try to compensate.
  • Should have hydrated two yeast packs, that is a lot of gravity for one pack.


  • Kegged today. Refractometer read 1.036, which corrected to 1.015.
  • 6.85% ABV
  • Sample tasted quite good, but it's a bit cloudy. Hoping the crash down to 38°F clears it up.
  • Lots of moral support from the wife.

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